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Storage Size Guide

Comparable to a walk-in closet
Good for a one bedroom apartment
Size of an average half garage
Good for small business storage
5x5 storage unit

Our small storage units are the perfect size for a variety of needs. At 5 feet wide, 5 feet deep and 8 feet tall you get 200 cubic ft., offering ample space to store items such as boxes, small furniture or home décor like lamps and end tables - about 35 file boxes fit comfortably in one unit! This compact yet accommodating storage solution is ideal if your belongings can be moved via cargo van.

5x10 storage unit5x10 top storage unit

Need extra storage space? Our 5x10 units are the perfect solution! Averaging 400 cubic feet, they’re nearly equivalent in size to a walk-in closet – making them large enough for end tables and shelves or even an entire bedroom set along with a few boxes of miscellaneous belongings. With plenty of room to keep your home organized, these rooms provide all the added convenience you need when trying to fit cargo van worth into just one unit.

7x10 storage unit7x10 storage unit top

A 7 x 10; self-storage unit is 7 feet wide by 10 feet long, resulting in 70 square feet of usable floor storage space. When you take the ceiling height into consideration, your storage capacity increases as vertical storage is easy to utilize by stacking moving boxes, manipulating furniture, or bringing in your own shelving unit. Roughly 1.5 Rooms of Furniture:

*Several medium to larger boxes


10x10 storage unit top

The size of an average half car garage, with approximately 100 square feet, the 10x10 is a popular choice for family moves. This unit can fit the contents of a three-bedroom house, an average size car, or large seasonal equipment. With a 10x20 there is no need to run out of space on your next move, nor do you have to leave that boat outside to the elements!

  • Contents of three-bedroom house
  • Average size car
  • Snowmobiles, jet skis, small boats, and other seasonal equipment
  • Work bench and workshop equipment
  • Band rehearsal space

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