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Yeadon is a borough in the southeastern corner of Delaware County, in the Delaware Valley region of Pennsylvania. It is 1.6 square miles in size and borders the neighboring boroughs of Upper Darby Township, Darby Borough, Lansdowne Borough, and the City of Philadelphia. It is approximately six miles from Center City Philadelphia and eight miles from the Delaware and New Jersey state borders. Philadelphia International Airport is also within four miles.

To access records held by the Borough, fill out a Request for Records form. Complete the form, providing your name, address, telephone number, and signature. Make sure to include appropriate payment. The Borough may charge a fee for copies of records that contain non-public information. However, if you want to obtain all public records, you can complete a Freedom of Information Act request for free. You can also request to see all records related to a particular topic, such as zoning.

The borough has a diverse population, with 31.2% of its population being under 18 years old. There are two junior high schools for grades seven to nine and a senior high school for grades eleven to twelve. School bus transportation is a reality for nearly 90% of the student body. Every school provides health care services and school counseling services. There are four school psychologists for students of all ages. In Yeadon, Pennsylvania, a high percentage of Black people live here. Browse next article

There are a lot of great places to visit and see in Yeadon, PA. We compiled a quick list here.

Point Of Interest #1 Coconut Breeze Cuisine, 708 Church Ln, Yeadon, PA 19050

Point Of Interest #2 Kerr Field, 1100-1112 Baily Rd, Yeadon, PA 19050

Point Of Interest #3 Yeadon Community Park, 401-, 523 S Union Ave, Yeadon, PA 19050

Point Of Interest #4 Social Space, 717 Church Ln, Yeadon, PA 19050

Point Of Interest #5 Zesty Pizza, 525 S Wycombe Ave, Lansdowne, PA 19050

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