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While Upper Darby Township is still the focus of agrarian ideals, Lansdowne has become a hip, fashionable suburb. Both commercial and residential development took place on either side of the railroad tracks. Lansdowne homes feature a distinctive visual character and are located on tree-lined streets. For information on other landmarks, see the Lansdowne website. The town's Wikipedia page provides a list of notable locals.

Lansdowne House of the Marquis

The median age of residents in Lansdowne, PA was 41.4 in 2019, with native-born residents being slightly older.

The median age in 2018 was 41 years old. The most common foreign-born birthplace in 2019 was India. Some 89,459 Pennsylvania residents were born in India, while 67,796 were born in the Dominican Republic. In Lansdowne, Pennsylvania, the average age was higher among males than females.

East Lansdowne, Pennsylvania, has a different history than most Delaware County communities. While most of the Delaware County communities were built through the joining of separate farm parcels, East Lansdowne was originally purchased as a single farm. During the industrial revolution, the railroad provided an important link to the city. By joining the original farm parcel with its historic settling families, the townspeople were able to create a beautiful downtown.

The population of Lansdowne, Pennsylvania is estimated to reach 10,695 by 2020. It has the ninth highest population density in Pennsylvania. Its median rent is $1,023, and its median home value is $161100. It has a median age of 41.4 years for males and 38.3% for females. Among its residents, 13.1% are hispanic. Its median household income is $63,224.  

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There are a lot of great places to visit and see in Lansdowne, PA. We compiled a quick list here.

Point Of Interest #1 Kia's Cakes, 16 S Lansdowne Ave, Lansdowne, PA 19050

Point Of Interest #2 Reservoir Park, 120 W Greenwood Ave, Lansdowne, PA 19050

Point Of Interest #3 Lansdowne Landing, 30 N Lansdowne Ave, Lansdowne, PA 19050

Point Of Interest #4 Lansdowne Arts Board, 12 E Baltimore Ave, Lansdowne, PA 19050

Point Of Interest #5 Lansdowne Parks & Recreation, 84 S Lansdowne Ave #2312, Lansdowne, PA 19050

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