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Located in central Pennsylvania, Folcroft is just 11 miles from Philadelphia. Residents of Folcroft are relatively well-educated, with 90.8% of residents possessing at least a high school degree. Nearly 16 percent of residents are college-educated, with 4.5% holding graduate or professional degrees. Of note, 15.3% of residents speak a non-English language at home, including Spanish and other Indo-European and Asian languages.

The area's population is a mix of people from various ethnic groups. Folcroft is 54.4% White, 39.2% Black, 1.5% Asian, and 0.7% Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander. Folcroft is also home to many families. According to the 2010 U.S. Census, there were 6,621 residents living in Folcroft. The median household income was $62,229.

The town's oldest church, Glencroft Baptist Church, was organized in September 1946. It first met at Harry Bowd's home on Bayard Avenue, before relocating to Pierce Readler's three-car garage. In September 1948, a Murray Stuart American Legion Post #566 was organized by Ray Zickel and Dan McGugan, with fifteen members coming from both Folcroft and Glenolden. Its charter was signed on September 6, 1947, and a local post office soon followed.

The population of Folcroft, PA is fairly evenly spread. A quarter of the population is under the age of 18, while a fifth is 18-24. Twenty-four percent of people living in Folcroft are 45-64 years old, and thirteen percent are 65-year-old or older. Those living below the poverty line are White, Black, and Hispanic. The median age is 36. The area has a high concentration of people with Italian, Irish, or Sub-Saharan African ancestry.  A fantastic read


There are a lot of great places to visit and see in Folcroft, PA. We compiled a quick list here.

Point Of Interest #1 Chick-A-Boom Folcroft, 1946 Delmar Dr, Folcroft, PA 19032

Point Of Interest #2 Boardwalk, Unnamed Road, Philadelphia, PA 19113

Point Of Interest #3 Montgomery Park, Taylor Dr, Folcroft, PA 19032

Point Of Interest #4 Miller's Cafe II, 1884 Delmar Dr, Folcroft, PA 19032

Point Of Interest #5 Sandy's Country Maid Catering, 1848 Delmar Dr, Folcroft, PA 19032

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